Modular Aluminium Scaffolding, Modular Steel Scaffolding and Modular Hybrid Scaffolding 

This variant of façade scaffolding is based on standards and horizontal struts where one assembles the gables oneself. 

This has considerably greater adjustability both for widening the platforms and one can adjust the height of the platforms and struts every 50 cm. 

The standard width at the platform levels in our ready made packages is 0.73 metres, but this can be adjusted to 1.09, 1.40, 2.57 and 3.07 metres. 

It is also possible to widen this scaffold at one or more levels by using brackets. 

A popular scaffold for such workers as roof layers, for whom it is important to be able to adjust the platforms to the correct level. 

The standard length of the platforms for this type of scaffold is also 3.07 metres, but these too are available in the lengths of 2.57, 2.07, 1.57, 1.09 and 0.73 metres. 

Permitted load is load class 3-6 (2.0 – 6.0 kN/m 2) on the conditions set out in the product description in the installation instructions. 

The modular scaffolding comes in steel, aluminium and hybrid variants. 

  • The steel variant only contains components made of steel.
  • The aluminium variant contains components made of this material in the standards, horizontal struts, diagonal struts and in the U-transoms. The platforms in these packages are still made of steel, as these are perceived to be more solid.

In the hybrid variant, the standards and platforms are made of steel in order to be able to offer a lower price, while horizontal struts, diagonal struts and U-transoms are made of aluminium.

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