In what way safer?

SAFER because Solideq’s products are subject to extensive quality control before they are launched on the market.

SAFER because we believe that a scaffold should not only be safe, but it should also feel safe.

SAFER because you always want to know that as long as your project is assembled in accordance with our drawings and calculations, it will also be in accordance with current standards and regulations.


In what way stronger?

STRONGER because as a scaffolding contractor, you can also compete on the most complicated assignments, and document your solutions.

STRONGER because you know that Solideq will provide you with the support you need for your customers.

STRONGER because together with us you become part of a skilled team that confronts challenges.


In what way more attractive?

MORE ATTRACTIVE because we deliver a strong brand into your construction materials.

MORE ATTRACTIVE because we offer you a wealth of proven products and solutions.

MORE ATTRACTIVE because you have a long-term collaboration with an experienced supplier