Who we are

Safety is of the utmost importance to us at Solideq.

Every day there are many whose workplace is on scaffolding high above the ground. Scaffolders and many other groups of workers should be able to perform their tasks safely from our scaffolding. They need to know that we deliver quality and are concerned about their safety, so that everyone should feel safe on our scaffolding. 

Safety forms the basis of everything we do, everything we recommend and everything we deliver.



Solideq has expertise and experience that build confidence

We look upon our customers as partners with whom we want a long-term collaboration. If we are to succeed in this, we must meet our customers’ requirements for expertise, experience, and our products.

We place high and clear demands on our manufacturers and suppliers. This we do best, through close and long-term collaboration.

Solideq shall have employees who are happy and enjoy going to work. We want everyone to have a clear role with opportunities for development. In this way, we get good cooperation and a high level of expertise in all aspects of our organisation.