Frame Scaffolding Aluminium and Frame Scaffolding Steel 

The frame scaffolding is our most easily assembled façade scaffold and is suitable for many kinds of work.  

It consists of prefabricated gable sections (frame) that have fixed levels at 2 metres where the platforms are attached. This allows for a quick and easy assembly and disassembly of the scaffolding.  

The location of the platforms can be changed with the help of variable platform holders. 

There are also frames measuring 1.0 metres and those that are 0.66 metres that are used for elevation and for differences in levels. 

The standard depth of our frame scaffolding’s platform levels are 0.73 metres, but these can be widened by using brackets. 

The standard length of the platforms 3.07 metres, but these too are available in the lengths of 2.57, 2.07, 1.57, 1.09 and 0.73 metres. This is in order to allow one to adjust the scaffolding according to need. 

Permitted load is load class 3(2.0 kN/m 2) on the conditions set out in the product description in the installation instructions. 

The frame scaffolding is available in aluminium or steel, where the steel variant sells at a lower price but is heavier, while the aluminium variant is considerably lighter when handling. 

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