Aluscaff is supported scaffolding in load class 5, made of aluminium. This is a flexible scaffolding system that can withstand heavy loads and rough treatment. Aluscaff is also used for stair towers.

This type of scaffolding was developed in the early 90s for the offshore industry in order to reduce the weight of the scaffolding. Since then, aluminium supported scaffolding has been used in industry, building and construction, shipyards, etc.

There are many advantages with Aluscaff supported scaffolding. First and foremost, Aluscaff is quick and easy to assemble. It is easy to handle, ensuring that the scaffolders suffer fewer load-related injuries.

We use an extra hard alloy that is seawater resistant. (6082-T6)

Aluminium is also more environmentally friendly than similar scaffolding of steel.  It is lighter in weight, which in turn results in cheaper transportation costs. Aluminium is recyclable.


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