Solideq Ramscaff 

SOLIDEQ RAMSCAFF ™ is our aluminium frame scaffolding which is excellent for painting and lighter façade work, such as replacing windows and similar jobs. Ramscaff is type-approved for load class 3 (200 kg/m2)
The frame scaffolding is compatible with more scaffolding systems used by professionals today. The system can be expanded both in terms of height and length, as needed.

With its round wedge solution on the frame for the attachment of railings, the scaffolding is made very rigid and stable compared to such systems that do not use a wedge. Not only does this make Ramscaff safe, but it also offers a great sense of stability.

The platforms are designed with a perfect balance between weight, stiffness and strength. Ramscaff platforms have a width of 0.61 m and come with composite as standard. The platforms with hatches also have a built-in ladder in the platform. The ladder has wheels at the bottom in order to minimise wear on the platform floor below. The ladder can be easily attached under the platform when the ladder is not in use. 
The frame at the bottom of the platform is shaped like a hexagon for increased grip.

Double railings measuring 3.07 m have built-in diagonal braces for increased rigidity, thus replacing the traditional diagonal strut used previously.

Installation instructions
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