For Solideq, safety, sustainability, and innovation are the keys that secure your business. Our technical department works closely with customers and assists with everything from planning, sketches, and calculations to product development, fall protection installation, and 3D modeling. We support you every step of the way, from start to finish.


Meeting safety requirements on paper is a given. Feeling safe on scaffolding is something else – it’s our ultimate goal.


Many of our products are made of aluminium, known for its durability and light weight. This reduces the risk of injury and requires fewer transports.


With cutting-edge engineering and close collaboration with our suppliers, we develop smart solutions that make your work easier.

Our Process

It starts with a conversation, email, or meeting. Then the workflow typically looks something like this:

Needs Analysis and Consultation
You share your specific needs and challenges. We discuss your product and project requirements and ensure that we can offer the best solution for you.
Proposal and Quotation
We develop a tailored solution and provide a detailed quotation, completely customized to your business.
Design and Planning
Once the quotation is approved, we begin the design process. Our team plans and designs the chosen solution, ensuring that all safety and quality requirements are met.
Now we deliver the products along with clear instructions or assist with on-site installation, depending on the project description.
Support and Follow-Up
Of course, we're here for you even after delivery. We answer your questions and ensure that you're satisfied with our delivery.
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Our Services

Here you can see a selection of the most common services we provide to our customers. If you need advice or have another task you require assistance with, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

3D modelling

Our engineers work with BIM (Building Information Models) and Scaffplanner. We help you create sketches that can be used by multiple workgroups to streamline collaboration, save money, and avoid misunderstandings in the project.

Logistics and Transport

Do you need to transport scaffolding, weather protection, or other products to or from the worksite? We are happy to help you find a transport solution that suits your needs.

Scaffolding Dimensioning

There are many parameters to consider when planning scaffolding for a project: weather and wind, load, environment, and platform flexibility. We accompany you throughout the entire process from planning to dismantling, assisting you with all the necessary sketches and calculations.

Fall Protection Installation

Our subsidiary, Roofac, boasts extensive experience in industrial climbing, employing Rope Access technology to devise safe and cost-effective solutions, regardless of the workplace's accessibility challenges.

Maintenance and Cleaning

We assist in maintaining your building or industrial site by conducting upkeep on facades and roofs in hard-to-reach areas, enclosed spaces, and tall structures.

Inspection and Assessment

We conduct inspections and assessments to ensure that you swiftly commence work, providing all necessary documentation, both in the preliminary stages of a project and during its execution.

Safety Consultation

Our safety consultants aid in creating the best and safest working environment at your workplace, offering suggestions for improving the work environment or serving as safety personnel during industrial shutdowns.

PPE Inspection

Our safety consultants aid in creating the best and safest working environment at your workplace, offering suggestions for improving the work environment or serving as safety personnel during industrial shutdowns.

General Technical Advice

We are just a phone call away and are on hand to answer queries regarding dimensioning, assembly, or other technical matters.

On-Site Troubleshooting

Our technicians can visit the worksite to find solutions if any issues arise.

Product Development

As an innovation-driven organisation, we develop new products inspired by our customers' needs or challenges. We sketch, design, and create prototypes that undergo testing before reaching the market. Do you have an idea? Let's try it together!

A Safer Workplace

The work of a scaffolder is often risky. Accidents, injuries, and worn-out bodies are common in the industry. We aim to change that. By developing user-focused products and choosing materials that are easy to handle, we can contribute to a safer workplace for everyone who assembles and works from scaffolding.
Our goal is to deliver products that are not only safe on paper but also make you feel secure when using them.

Taking a Stand for the Future

In our view, a safer workplace is also a sustainable workplace. We have chosen to focus on aluminium as our material, which is significantly lighter than the steel traditionally used in scaffolding. Its production emits fewer greenhouse gases, and its lower weight reduces the number of transports needed. Most importantly, it helps scaffolders avoid strain injuries and reduces the risk of accidents.

Our Products

Everyone has the right to a safe workplace. With us, you will find secure and user-friendly scaffolding systems, fall protection, and weather protection, both from our own production and other leading brands. We help you find the right solution for your project, whether you are working in the bustling city or at sea.

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