Frame Scaffolding

Our frame scaffolds consist of prefabricated gable sections with fixed levels every two meters, where you attach the platforms. This saves time both during assembly and dismantling. With the help of a variable platform holder, you can also change the platforms' placement on the scaffold.

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The frame scaffolds are approved for load class three, based on the conditions specified in the assembly instructions.

Steel or Aluminium

You can choose between frame scaffolds made of aluminium or steel. The steel scaffold is cheaper but weighs more than the aluminium scaffold, which in turn is easier to handle.

Quick Assembly

The prefabricated gables make it easy to assemble and disassemble the scaffold, saving both time and money.


RamScaff™ is made of aluminium and is suitable for most facade work, as the placement of the platforms is flexible. The scaffolds are well-suited for inspections, plastering, painting, cleaning, and insulation. Additionally, materials and tools can be securely stored on the scaffolds when not in use.

RamScaff™ is fully compatible with our previous frame scaffolding systems, and tests from RISE show that it also works well with systems from Layher and Altrad.

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A Flexible Scaffold

The scaffold construction is suitable for vertical standard installation of platforms every other meter. It is also possible to use different height levels with the help of lower frames.

Quick Assembly

The system provides quick and safe erection of scaffolds against buildings. With the help of consoles and beams, scaffolds can be built around buildings with complex designs.

Mix and Match

RamScaff™ is compatible with our previous frame scaffolding systems and with systems from other suppliers.

Download Materials

Here, you’ll find catalogues, assembly instructions, and other practical materials if you’re curious about frame scaffolding.

Why Aluminium?

Most of our scaffolding is made of aluminium, a flexible and durable material with low weight. All components are easy to assemble and disassemble, reducing the risk of work injuries and making transport easier.

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