WePro™ is short for Weather Protection and shields the workplace from harsh weather conditions. To ensure the most durable construction possible, our engineers help you sketch out the system and make all necessary calculations for the structure.

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We deliver two different systems with 500 or 750 cm height on the beams. Thanks to the beams' integrated chain rail, the system consists of fewer parts, making assembly quicker than other systems. The system can be mounted directly on scaffolds or other structures.

Better Working Environment

Avoid moisture damage, unnecessary interruptions, and cold with a smooth roof-over-roof system. Additionally, a pleasant working environment contributes to reduced sick leave.

A Flexible Solution

WePro™ can also be supplied with sliding sections, making it easier to load and unload equipment and materials. Perfect for stages and other temporary events.

Quick Assembly

WePro™ has fewer components than other competing systems, making assembly quicker and smoother.

Download Materials

Here, you'll find catalogues, assembly instructions, and other practical materials if you're curious about weather protection.

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