AluScaff™ is one of our most popular scaffolding systems. Thanks to its lightweight and smart design, it is easy to assemble, allowing you to quickly start your important work. AluScaff™ can also be used as a stair tower and hanging scaffold.

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Today, AluScaff™ is a favourite among construction companies, industries, and shipyards alike. Its flexible design and easy assembly reduce the risk of strain injuries, contributing to an improved working environment for scaffolders.

Easy to Assemble

AluScaff™ is easy to put together and take apart, reducing the time needed for assembly and dismantling.

Lower Transport Costs

Made of aluminium, AluScaff™ is lighter and more durable to manufacture than steel. This reduces transportation costs and, thus, the carbon footprint.

Ready for Tough Conditions

AluScaff™ is a secure scaffold that withstands heavy stress and high loads.

Why Aluminium?

Most of our scaffolding is made of aluminium, a flexible and durable material with low weight. All components are easy to assemble and disassemble, reducing the risk of work injuries and making transport easier.

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