Solideq was selected as supplier

Øyvind Møller is the founder and CEO of Sogn Stillas og Sikring AS. The first full year of operation was in 2020 with a turnover of NOK 2,2 million. In 2021, turnover more than doubled and ended at NOK 5.3 million.

During 2021, Sogn Stillas og Sikring AS have invested in both Ramscaff and  Aluscaff  from Solideq. These are costly investments that was made possible with the help of a good local bank and Innovation Norge.

Øyvind had previous experience with Solideq's scaffolding before choosing us as a partner. Previously, he rented scaffolding from Ramirent, a large customer of Solideq. Before the decision to go for Solideq was made, he contacted several major scaffolding suppliers.

He chose Solideq for several reasons. When he chose Ramscaff, which is load class 3 frame scaffolding, he was aware that the platforms comes with composite as standard. Everyone who has installed scaffolding knows that it´s important to have a good grip on the platform as this is lifted into place. Solideq's platforms have a special profile that provides much better grip, and is therefore safer to install.

When Øyvind chose a scaffolding in load class 5, he was convinced that he wanted it to be produced in aluminium. It is faster to assemble, the limitations are smaller and it is much lighter than similar scaffolding produced in steel. Building with aluminium improves HSE, it spares the installers from wear damage and makes the employer more attractive to the installers. The choice then fell on Aluscaff sprout scaffolding.

Should he find himself in a situation where he lacks any material himself, he can easily rent what he lacks from Ramirent.

Øyvind points out, in particular, that Solideq has a large selection of special parts. This allows him to deliver professional and secure solutions to his customers. It is also an advantage that the parts are in stock and that Solideq has a stock in Bergen.

Øyvind goes on to say that he is very pleased with the follow-up he has received at Solideq. It's has mostly been a smooth process. Challenges that have emerged have been solved in a good way by Solideq's experienced sales team who are always available, and service minded.

Sogn Stillas og Sikring AS provide their services for large projects and will then receive help from the technical department at Solideq to draw and calculate the projects in BIM. This is a major competitive advantage for those who rent out scaffolding for large projects and who collaborate with major players who far more often require BIM.

The scaffolding industry is very male-dominated and there are unfortunately very few female scaffolders. This is not the case in Øyvind's company since 2 out of 5 installers are women. He is convinced that it has a positive impact to have women at the construction site. They are very well looked after by their male counterparts. Øyvind sees great opportunities for his company and we look forward to the journey ahead as a partner.

Pål H. Stunner CEO of Solideq AS

08 April 2022

Pål H. Stunner takes over as CEO of Solideq AS. He takes over the position after Ivar Strand, who joins the corporate position as a business developer.