Christmas greetings from Tobias

Christmas is fast approaching and I would like to take the opportunity to send a warm Christmas greeting to all our amazing employees, customers & partners. All thanks to you 2021 turned into a year where we exceeded all our operational targets and at the same time stayed focused and relentlessly carried out the activities linked to our business plan. This means we will enter 2022 even better equipped to continuously deliver sustainable and safe access solutions to our customers.

Christmas greetings from Tobias

I am now entering my third year as CEO of Solideq Group and so far, the focus has been to create an attractive company with the right people, culture and structure in place making us ready for healthy and sustainable growth ahead. Related to this we have for sure taken great steps forward this year and therefore our mission for 2022 will be to let more customers know why and how a partnership with Solideq will lead to long term success.

Those of you who do not know Solideq and the journey we´re on, I hope below words taken from our cultural manifesto gives a glimpse of ​​us and our ambitions.

With that said, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I hope we find good reasons to meet in 2022!

Tobias Wreje-Larsson,
CEO Solideq


We at Solideq are confident, proud and feel desire and joy of being able to offer the world safe access at height. The same passion we feel for our delivery to the market is also felt by working together as individuals & teams as well as with our partners and suppliers.

We truly experience that our genuine we-feeling, community and positive attitude create development and success for ourselves but also for our customers.

Success is very much created thanks to our clarity, our will to understand the recipient and our humility in having the courage to be vulnerable and personal.

Solideq thinks safety, profitability and customer!

Customer focus is of course absolutely crucial to our success.

Therefore, we truly see the customer as a strategic long-term partner of Solideq and a party with which we develop together. It is important, however, that we also have a strong focus on safety and profitability both for us and our partner to succeed in this.

Success for us at Solideq is joy, energy, safety, the will to think different, profitability and long-term sustainability!

Pål H. Stunner CEO of Solideq AS

08 April 2022

Pål H. Stunner takes over as CEO of Solideq AS. He takes over the position after Ivar Strand, who joins the corporate position as a business developer.