Pål H. Stunner CEO of Solideq AS

Pål H. Stunner takes over as CEO of Solideq AS.
He takes over the position after Ivar Strand, who joins the corporate position as a business developer.

Pål H. Stunner CEO of Solideq AS

Until Pål became general manager, he has been our sales manager for many years. He has very good knowledge of both our company and the scaffolding market. Pål has also been on the ownership side since 2014.


"I have been fortunate to work with the best in several areas of the company and have been able to participate in growth and change that has developed Solideq into a market leader," says Pål.

Shrink Wrap

02 March 2022

Our customers have requested shrink wrap as a cover on scaffolding. Shrink wrap has long been used in transport, for example, but now it is also at full speed into the scaffolding industry.